100 day challenge - pull-ups

100 Day Challenge – Pull-Ups

This was a challenge I set myself and updated daily on my blog to keep myself accountable. It was something I’d wanted to test myself with for a while, and I finally bit the bullet and started it on 3rd March.

Here are the rules I set for my 100 day challenge:

  • Do one thing every day for 100 days to see how much you can improve
  • Keep it simple so it’s easy to stick to
  • Make sure your improvements are measurable in some way
  • Post it somewhere public to keep yourself accountable – even if you just post what you’re going to do in the comments below
  • Set a forfeit which you must stick to if you fail, to keep you motivated.

I challenged myself to do 100 days of one set of pull-ups (chin to bar), which basically means as many as I could do in one go before my feet hit the floor. Day one started on Friday 3rd March 2017 and I kept an update of how many I did each day on this page with the hope that I would see some improvement over time.

Here is a summary of my results:

Key numbers:
Day 1: 7 pull-ups (3rd March)
Day 100: 45 pull-ups (10th June)
Total pull-ups: 2206
Average pull-ups: 22

To make sure I kept up with the challenge I set myself a forfeit, that if anyone reading this noticed that I ever got behind in my 100 day challenge and a day goes by when I hadn’t updated this post, they were to email me and I offered to pay the first person to correctly call me out $200.

Thankfully that never happened and I kept my money!

This was an extremely difficult challenge for me, and included some late night pull-ups at around 11pm after remembering I hadn’t yet done them a couple of times after getting into bed for the night. But it was totally worth it and the improvement I saw massively helped to convince me that practice makes perfect, and if you persevere with something you want – then you will only get better.

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