5 easy ways to improve your website for free

5 Easy Ways To Improve Your Website For Free

Here are five easy ways to improve your website for free. If you work on one a day over the next five days – then at the end of it you’ll have made some big improvements to the speed, search engine rankings and user confidence for your website.

1. Test For Speed

Go to WebPage Test and put in your website address to test it’s load time. Your website will be graded A-F across 6 different categories which allows you to see where you can improve and where you’re already doing well.

2. Search Your Business Name On Google

Open up an incognito tab and search your business name in Google, if you don’t rank #1 then you need to fix this ASAP.

It needs to be an incognito tab otherwise your visits to your own website will push it higher in the rankings within your regular browser.

Set this on the right path by making sure your business name is in your title tags and start getting links back to your website with your business name in the anchor text.

3. Install Yoast SEO

If you are using WordPress then install Yoast SEO and don’t look back. It’s a free tool which is fantastic for helping you improve your search engine rankings for keywords you’d like to rank for.

It gives really good hints on how to improve each page, so can be used by beginners and also advanced users for even greater results.

4. Install Matomo Analytics Free

A great alternative to Google Analytics is Matomo Analytics, you can install it on your own web server, you own all of the data, it is 100% open-source and I like the user interface.

It’s also completely free.

Once you have this installed and get to grips with analysing your visitors’ actions on your website, you will be able to make improvements based on what’s working and what isn’t and will see a huge improvement in website conversions (if done right).

5. Install Free SSL Certificate

If you still aren’t using an HTTPS website instead of HTTP then where have you been? (If you’ve been living in the woods for 10 years I’ll forgive you).

This adds encryption to your website so your user’s data can’t be easily intercepted, adds buyer confidence and improves your Google rankings. Get one free from Let’s Encrypt.

These are the first five points on my 11-point perfect website optimisation checklist. To download these and the remaining six (for free) – which include more advanced free tools that will allow you to build your email list and find out how to increase your website earnings, click here now (be aware that parts of this list are now outdated).

If you need help with anything here, then feel free to get in touch.

An SEO Consultant based in Mansfield Woodhouse, United Kingdom. I'm obsessed with SEO at the moment, but I also love talking about and interpreting marketing in general, productivity and entrepreneurship.

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