Benefits of a break

Originally I had only planned to take 2-3 weeks break from writing my weekly emails, which turned into several, but I’m very pleased to be back and writing Strategic Sundays again!

I am a big fan of consistency as I have written about previously, but sometimes it can be equally beneficial to step back for a while, take a break and reassess what you’re doing, why you’re doing it and how you’re doing it.

For me, I love writing and I love helping people. I also get the benefit of deeper learning when I write about things I’m currently learning about myself, so I find it really beneficial to have a newsletter for multiple reasons.

But it’s also been great to reset, reevaluate the current landscape and take a bit of time for other things. The biggest benefit I see of doing this is being able to zoom out and take a look at the long-term vision of something before stepping back into the day-to-day of it.

The benefits of resetting by taking a break extend well beyond weekly emails, examples include:

  • Resetting from work on a weekend.
  • Resetting from regular life with holidays.
  • Resetting career with a break between jobs/businesses.
  • Resetting between relationships.
  • Resetting your immune system through fasting.
  • Resetting from social media and outside influences.

I still think I need a reset in a few other areas, but I’m happy to be back writing my weekly emails again!

Is there anything you need a break from?

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