I have a theory, there are moments in life when we are in chaos, and there are moments when things are in order. These times can last days, months or maybe even years, but we switch between the two, which can often be caused by external circumstances, but also internal.

I also think there is both good and bad chaos, and good and bad structure, let’s call them positive and negative. Here’s how I would describe each of them.

  • Negative Chaos
    Events in your life are all over the place, but not in a good way, you are reactionary, you don’t know what’s coming next, a lack of stability in multiple areas.
  • Negative Structure
    Events in your life are generally negative, you repeat the same bad patterns and habits. Examples include regular drinking, maintaining an unhealthy relationship or being in a soul-destroying work environment.
  • Positive Structure
    Your life is quite settled, in a good way. You have a good routine with many things and can focus on small or singular improvements at a time.
  • Positive Chaos
    Life is unsettled in a good way. Many different things are happening, but a lot of them are positive. Stacking multiple good and integral decisions realises unexpected positive results in different areas of life.

Having been through a tough time in the past 16 months or so, I haven’t often been able to choose where I was, as I fluctuated between negative chaos and negative structure.

But it’s okay, because I knew I would come out of it, and I have.

I think where I tried to get to, perhaps a little too soon, was positive structure – by focusing on one key goal at a time, in this case, fasting.

However, where I have ended up the past few weeks, and where I now realise I absolutely needed to be, has been positive chaos.

What this has felt like for me, is like having 15 rocks in a row, running between each and pushing them forward. Because there are so many, I have missed 2 or 3, but because there are still 12 or 13 rocks that have been moved further forwards, in some cases a long way forward, it’s really positive – and in many cases better than moving one rock all the way to the end.

Could you always live your life in positive chaos? I would say probably not. But it’s what I’ve needed at this point in time, and I’ve moved those rocks forward in so many aspects of life right now, health, fitness, relationships, finance, mental well-being, life plans, clarity of thought, motivation, business… and life is good, really good.

What’s the difference between being in these zones and how do you switch from negative to positive?

I believe that negative structure is the place where most depressed people are, when they are stuck in a rut and don’t know how to get out of it.

I think that negative chaos is when unexpected bad things are happening, you’re not sure how to handle them and you’re making bad decisions, sometimes knowingly, but you’re desperate.

I think the best way to get into positive chaos from there is to make integral, good-quality decisions, even (and especially) if you think the outcome may not be what you want, stack good decision after good decision and good things will happen. Believe me it works!

And positive structure, I think this is when you’re out of chaos and you’ve got a solid routine set, positively and consistently moving forwards in life. I’ll let you know when I get back there.

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