There are no magic beans in marketing.

Of course, some stuff works better than others – but the one thing which will allow you to get traction more than anything else is consistency.

How this works is simple:

  1. Come up with a (good) plan
  2. Follow the most important aspects of your plan consistently

Realistically, you are never going to follow your plan to a tee – life and business are fluid and things are changing all of the time. Plus, we’re not robots and we all have good and bad days/weeks/months (and that’s OK).

But what you should definitely do is decide what is the most important part of your plan, and consistently execute on it, all. of. the. time…. without fail.

This may involve a couple of marketing channels in particular – for an example let’s say social media and email marketing.

For social media, it means being active every week and consistently putting out great content and building relationships.

What it doesn’t mean is being inactive for months and throwing up a post or two when you desperately need a sale, then giving up when you don’t get one (been there done that).

For email marketing, it means creating a plan, such as delivering valuable strategic content into your mailbox every single Sunday at 3.30pm NZT (ahem) and sticking with it.

It doesn’t mean sending a few emails and giving up because your list is small and nobody is buying what you’re selling.

If you are consistent (and delivering value), then over time, you’ll start to notice small indicators of traction and start to get results.

You’ll also get ongoing feedback which you can use to improve what you’re doing over time and get even better results.

Being consistent is a strong indicator that you are reliable and that if someone is to work with you, then they can also expect a reliable and consistent service.

Being inconsistent is an indicator that you may be unreliable, can’t make up your mind or possibly don’t know what you’re doing.

One act by itself is unlikely to get you effective results, consistency creates a culmination of events which are highly likely to deliver results.

If you are consistent and excellent, then sooner or later you’ll reach a major tipping point and run away to success… it’s almost inevitable.

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