Hitting a wall

It was probably inevitable with the hours I have been putting into my business, moving house and various other things going on in my life at the moment, but I did hit a wall last week!

One more late night working on Monday left me zapped on Tuesday, I had to just call it a day and finish work early – cancel my evening plans and take a bit of much-needed rest… followed by a more relaxed pace on Wednesday before my SEO workshop on Thursday.

It got me thinking about workloads, how we handle too much or too little, what’s optimal and what to do when we do take on too much.

If you do hit a wall, I think you have two options:

  1. Smash through it
  2. Walk away from it

I usually advocate for option 1, but I have been smashing through so many walls in the past few months that I just couldn’t do one more and needed to walk away, just for a little bit – and it was such a huge help!

Overworking of late has actually led me to some big realisations and real clarity about what my perfect week looks like, in terms of minimum billable client hours, number of meetings, targets and priorities.

My perfect week certainly isn’t working late every night, but that has somewhat been necessary of late due to a combination of workload and viewing properties to find somewhere to live.

I’m very happy to say we have now found somewhere to live and move next weekend! So that stress will be gone soon and it means I should be able to get what I need done in my normal day without leaking into evenings and weekends too much – at least most of the time.

As a result of much trial and error I’ve now fashioned daily and weekly goals which are perfect for me, will lead to big growth and are more sustainable over the long-term (and you know I am all about the long-term!).

I am a big fan of having sustained bursts of absolutely smashing out work over a couple of weeks at a time, but to be done properly you really need to define a finish and give yourself a reward/break afterwards – my upcoming reward is going to be a long-overdue visit to the hot pools.

With all of that being said about the past week; hitting a wall, taking a bit of time, planning and speaking at my SEO workshop and finalising our house move… I still managed to get my 2nd best weekly score on my new gamification leaderboard as discussed last week!

Have you hit any walls lately, and what’s your go-to strategy for when you do?

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