What’s your superpower?

I’ve spent some time thinking about playing to my strengths recently, there’s only so much time and you can’t do everything – if you try then it starts to feel like a scattergun approach and results, in turn, can be quite random… not ideal.

Here’s a different way to think about it, what’s your superpower?

Let’s say it’s email marketing, you offer email marketing services and that’s the thing you love to do.

Well, guess what, people are now going to start judging you on the state of your email marketing, do you have a big email list? Do you regularly write and send out great content?

If not, this can cause a problem.

The way to use this to your advantage is to find out what your superpower is and schedule it regularly into your week, every week – for yourself.

Let’s say you usually bill out your services at $120 per hour, and you decide that you’re going to spend 10 hours per month working on your business using your superpower, that’s the equivalent of investing $1,200 into your business every month.

Even better, because it’s your superpower, you are probably going to be much better at it than if you delegated it to anyone else… and because it’s your business you are more motivated to do it better than anyone else could, which just about doubles the value.

Better still…

If it’s a service you’re offering, such as the email marketing example above, then it also becomes a sales tool to the people judging you on it, because they can see that you practice what you preach and you can show them this consciously with proof and unconsciously with signals you give off.

Plus you also actually receive the benefits of this new superpower and all that it provides, for example, it has improved the business in some way, has generated more incoming clients and the valuation of the business has gone up.

It’s basically a 4X multiplier.

Let’s call it 3X and say you’re now investing $3,600 worth of services in your business every month for just 10 hours of your time. – do this consistently each and every month and your results will compound and only get better.

Thinking of things in this way, it becomes difficult to think of a better way to spend your time… maybe 10 hours isn’t enough?!

This works better with some superpowers than others, but you still should be able to get 2X the value at a minimum.

So I’ve got two questions for you:

  1. What’s your superpower?
  2. How much of it are you going to invest in your business this week?

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